Huntington Coast Capital To Present At Venture Capital Event At UCI

Huntington Coast Capital To Present At Venture Capital Event At UCI

Huntington Beach, CA: Huntington Coast Capital is proud to be a part of the Orange County Venture Capital Fast Pitch Conference on Thursday, November 30th at The Cove at UC Irvine Applied Innovation in Irvine, CA. Entrepreneurs from around the local and regional area will pitch their business ideas in the search of capital investment. The companies will consist of startup, pre-revenue companies to established companies looking for investment to take their business to the next level.

Huntington Coast Capital will be discussing asset based loans to the largely California-based audience. Venture capital is not necessary for every funding request and perfectly appropriate for others. In a certain circumstances, asset based financing in the form of debt is all a company needs to accelerate their growth.  For example, if your company needs capital to fund the cost of purchase orders, an asset based loan secured by the purchase order and future invoice to the customer, may be all that is required. You do not need to take on an equity partner in the this case and give a portion of your company away. Conversely, if your product or service is having a difficult time breaking in to a market segment due to lack of capital and connections, equity is entirely appropriate and maybe even necessary.

Whether your business needs venture capital or an asset based loan, largely depends on the intended use of the funds being requested. We counsel business owners on the available capital options and provide valuable insight in to the appropriate course of action.

If you would like to discuss how to navigate the capital markets and select the right funding avenue for your business goals, give us a call. My direct line is 714-719-8966 or you may reach us toll free at 844-239-2632.

To your success!

Patrick Zazueta | Founder
Huntington Coast Capital, Inc.