We assist the banking industry in the following areas:

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    Relationship management

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    portfolio management

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    prospect management


Letting a client know he is no longer qualified for bank financing is never a comfortable conversation. Many times, the client has been with the bank for a long time and has a great relationship with their Banking Officer. Freezing a business line of credit due to covenant violations puts the client in a difficult spot and they often need alternative financing fast.

By referring them to Huntington Coast Capital, you are avoiding them having to take the best deal they can get and restoring some leverage to their position. Clients appreciate options, even if their financial condition is not what it was, every small business deserves access to the best options available to them.

In the end, clients appreciate this and return to the bank once healthy enough to qualify for a traditional line of credit. A true example of relationship banking and putting the customers first that all banks strive for.


We can assist with credit management on newly purchased loan portfolios by finding a home for those loans that do not meet the banks credit standards. The bank handles the depository requirements of the client while Huntington Coast Capital secures the financing necessary to sustain growth or retains the necessary financing to work through the down cycle the company is experiencing.


Clients that desire a lending relationship with a bank, but for whatever reason do not qualify, can find a temporary solution at a finance company. We can negotiate on behalf of the client when dealing with potential sources of financing (i.e. short term agreements, clauses for early termination of term in favor of the client, purchase order financing for startup companies, etc).

Utilizing our services gives the client leverage (through competition) to find the best financing options available to them. Turn a tough conversation into a positive one and get them in touch with us.
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