HCC Secures $350,000 Asset Based Loan For Social Media Advertising Company

HCC Secures $350,000 Asset Based Loan For Social Media Advertising Company

Huntington Beach, CA: A southern California company providing retailers with a way to socially market their products was growing fast. Huntington Coast Capital secured them an asset based loan on the general assets of the business to take them to the next level.

The company essentially captures happy customers in an onsite Kiosk that takes pictures of them and their friends and shares the message and photos on their social media outlets. A modern way to advertise your business! The products as described on the company’s website are copied here:

We turn event photos into marketing stories

We believe that the best way to spread your brand’s story is to capture a personal photo of your customers. Capturing photos and videos of your customers is the most powerful way to create testimonials and word-of-mouth marketing.

As we continue to evolve our technology, we have a few guiding principles:

  • All of our technology is designed for marketing, and the best type of marketing happens when the consumer’s photo tells a story.
  • Photos should be delivered as a gift. For example, Photo Access Cards turn a photo into a physical gift that people put into their pocket and use to retrieve the photo later. No need to ask the consumer for information onsite
  • Different situations require different methods of delivery. We support delivering photos by: email, SMS, handing out Photo Access Cards, handing out a glossy print, through social channels, and with an onsite sharing kiosk
  • Event technology has to be drop-dead-simple to use and bullet-proof. All of our technology can be used in a single location or rolled out to hundreds of locations
  • We have created a system that fits the needs of the most demanding large brands, and can be used by small businesses

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