Small Business Loan Provider in California

Do you need a small business loan for your company? If you need additional capital for any reason, contact Huntington Coast Capital today. We’re an experienced and professional small business loan provider serving all businesses in California (CA), call us at 844-239-2632 or apply online.

Why You May Need a Loan Or Line Of Credit

Your small business has a lot of financial needs, and a loan can help with some of those. You should consider a loan if:

  • You want to expand and grow your business
  • You need steady cash flow to manage your day-to-day expenses
  • You want additional cash on hand to purchase inventory or fund the cost of purchase orders

Small business loans are also used when purchasing an existing business. The financing is measured against the cash flow of the target acquisition and available business collateral. Invoice factoring is a popular way to increase business cash flow through an advance on a company’s accounts receivable. The type of business loan you need will depend on the use of funds.

Not all lenders are created equal and each have their strengths and weaknesses. Different types of loans exist, and Huntington Coast Capital is here to help you find the best one for your needs.

Why Turn to Us for Your Small Business Loan Or Line Of Credit?

Business Loans, while helpful, can also be harmful if you don’t choose the right product for your needs. Here at Huntington Coast Capital, our only goal is to help your small business (or you as a potential small business owner) get the perfect loan.

We have over 20 years of experience in the small business finance industry, and we rely on our experience to provide you with the best options and customer service possible. Our team of professionals will always keep your best interests in mind.

If you’re ready to acquire a business in CA or already own a business and could benefit from access to additional capital, give Huntington Coast Capital a call today. We will walk you through the process. Contact our professionals today at 844-239-2632.