Can Your Business Use Some Growth Capital?

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There are a lot of terms used in financing. Growth capital is one of my favorites. What is Growth Capital? My definition is – money that is needed to expand the business and take advantage of growth opportunities.

As business owners, sometimes there are circumstances that arise that require funds above and beyond the cash flow of the business. Factoring companies can accelerate your cash flow by advancing cash against your account receivable, but what if you need more than that or your cash needs are to fund fixed expenses?

We have been seeing a lot of demand for a government loan program that was created to fulfill working capital and equipment needs. A small and select group of banks are offering this program. If you are a small business owner looking for a business loan up $150,000, inquire here.

Some of the details of the program are:

– 6% interest tied to the Prime lending rate
– 10-year amortization
– no prepayment penalty
– business owner can not have any liens, suits or judgments against the company
– no personal bankruptcy over the past 36 months
– personal credit score above 670

Our clients are using this loan to cover the costs of purchase orders, to market their business, to refinance debt, and to build inventory to name a few. The term “working capital” is a loose term meaning anything that is going to benefit the business. While using the loan for equipment is fairly specific, using it for working capital covers a broad base of uses.

If you would like to know more about this product, please inquire with us and learn more.

To you success!

Patrick Zazueta |Founder
Huntington Coast Capital, Inc.

Need Capital to Expand Your Restaurant? Inquire here!

My company, Huntington Coast Capital, is a capital markets advisory firm established in 2010. While our focus has traditionally been trade finance for manufacturers, wholesalers and service companies, we have experienced an inflow of restaurant and bar owners looking to expand their operations.

In brief, there is a government sponsored loan program being offered currently at 6% APR (tied to Prime) that can be used for working capital and/or equipment purchases. It has been designed to stimulate the economy and get capital in the hands of business owners looking for funds up to $150,000.

General program details include: 10-year amortization on the loan, no prepayment penalty, business can’t have any liens, suits or judgments against it, no bankruptcy in the past three years, must be in business for over two years, and the owner(s) must have decent personal credit (above 670 FICO).

If you are approved for the full $150,000, your monthly payment is around $1,600 including principle and interest. This is by far the most cost effect product on the market at this loan size.

Think this product could bring value to your business? Inquire here and let’s discuss further.

To you success!

Patrick Zazueta | Founder
Huntington Coast Capital, Inc.