The Process: Purchase Order Financing for Personal Protective Equipment

The Process: Purchase Order Financing for Personal Protective Equipment

Purchase Order Financing for PPE Products

Could you benefit from purchase order financing for personal protective equipment? Do you have purchase orders from credit worthy customers for PPE Products? Is a lack of capital holding you back from expanding your PPE business?  Do you have inventory in transit or a factory allocation? Huntington Coast Capital can help. 

The global pandemic has driven the need for PPE Products of all kinds including but not limited to:

  • nitrile gloves
  • face masks
  • face shields
  • hand sanitizer
  • gowns
  • COVID testing products
  • and more…

Huntington Coast Capital secures funding for manufacturers and distributors of personal protective equipment products. Our capital partners provide inspection services to verify all supplier allocations through onsite inspections of factories and allocation holders. In addition to inspections, all documentation in a proposed transaction is analyzed for authenticity. These added services provide more than just a pocket book for purchase order financing. Complete credit management and collection of customer payments is also managed. This allows the client the freedom to facilitate orders with the confidence of knowing they are in partnership with a world class credit management, quality control and financing partner.

Purchase Order Financing for Personal Protective Equipment

The Process 

Once the purchase order financing for PPE products is in place the lender follows these steps:

  • lender inspects all documentation involved in a transaction for authenticity (i.e. PO’s from end buyers, SGS reports, factory details, etc.)
  • once approved, the lender will pay the deposit to begin production directly to the factory
  • the lender pays the balance upon completion and inspection of the finished products
  • products are delivered by air or boat
  • products clear customs
  • the buyer is invoiced
  • the buyer inspects and accepts the goods and manages their logistics to the desired location (unless drop shipped)
  • the buyer either pays onsite or is granted terms for future payment (terms granted to credit worthy customers only)
  • the buyer makes their payment to the lenders lock box
  • the payment covers the amount advanced to the factory or allocation holder, the fund’s principle and all finance charges and fees
  • the cycle repeats

Items needed for preliminary underwriting of a purchase order financing request: 

  • complete contact information for the buyer(s) if not listed on the purchase order
  • complete contact information for the factory(ies) and allocation holder(s)
  • business entity documents for the client’s entity (i.e. Articles of Incorporation, Organization, etc.)
  • resumes/bios on the owners in the entity
  • Huntington Coast application
  • account receivable and payable aging reports (if applicable)

These items will give the fund enough to begin with their preliminary review. If the initial review is satisfactory, further conversations are had to go over the details in more depth.

The Huntington Coast Capital Advantage:

Unlike other direct lenders in the space, we are unbiased in our solutions. Direct lenders involved in Purchase Order Financing for Personal Protective Equipment have one product to present and sell – their own. We are not beholden to any particular lender. This unique advantage has earned us a reputation for unbiased consultation and proven results. Put the power of our industry knowledge to work for you today!

About Huntington Coast Capital: 

Established in 2009, Huntington Coast Capital has a seasoned tenure in the purchase order financing space. We have been assisting clients in traditional industries for over 10 years. When the COVID outbreak began back in early 2020 our focus shifted to purchase order financing for PPE products as the overwhelming majority of inquiries surrounded the space. In the past 12 months we have facilitated numerous transactions by bridging our PPE clients with the appropriate funding partner for their business.

Purchase Order Financing For Nitrile Gloves

Purchase Order Financing For Nitrile Gloves

PPE Update: Huntington Coast Capital is close to verifying new production allocations of nitrile gloves through several different suppliers. Once confirmed, these orders will be eligible for purchase order financing for nitrile gloves. The goods will be delivered to directly to the buyer’s location or a designated warehouse where they can be inspected prior to buyer payment.

Huntington Coast Capital is proud to serve the nationwide community of first responders, heathcare providers, governmental agencies and police and firefighters. If you have clients in need of purchase order financing for nitrile gloves, we would like to speak with you.

Our core business in traditional industries is still very much intact. We advise on a wide range of funding options throughout the United States in the following areas:

  • Supply chain financing 
  • Equipment loans and lease programs (learn more about our equipment loan platform offered through our subsidiary)
  • Lines of credit for working capital needs
  • Term loans for marketing, hiring staff and general expansion needs
  • Factoring services for accounts receivable financing that also provides for back office credit and collection functions
  • Purchase order financing
  • Asset based loans
  • Business acquisition financing
  • Inventory financing
  • Private commercial real estate bridge loans
  • SBA loans for business and real estate needs

Whether you are a startup or established, in need of $100,000 or $10,000,000 we have the capital partners to meet your needs. Contact us to see how we can assist in taking your business to the next level. To your success!

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Purchase Order Financing For PPE Products

Purchase Order Financing For PPE Products


Purchase Order Financing For PPE Products

Huntington Coast Capital has extended its service in the Purchase Order Financing For PPE Products space. We have partnered with a group that has a warehouse on the west coast. The benefit is that they have inventory available either on site or through their supplier network. The result is a faster response to much needed materials for hospital groups and government entities.

PPE Products remain in high demand. Resulting in a trend for faster delivery times. In response to this need, Huntington Coast Capital has access to products through our domestic partners. Favorable terms from our foreign partners continue to be available.

A sample list of current inventory is listed below. Are you in the fight against COVID-19? Huntington Coast Capital is here to help!

N95:  – all masks on CDC list / NIOSH certified

  •  3M 1860 surgical (from authorized distributor)
  •  3M 8210
  •  Kimberly Clark (distributor relationship)
  •  BYD (allocation and some US inventory)
  •  Giko 1200 NIOSH available US inventory
  •  Giko 1400 surgical available US inventory
  •  Powecom (allocation and some US inventory)


KN95:  – all masks on FDA current list

Several brands as available

3-ply:     several brands available

Nitrile gloves: (4ml and 6ml)

Regular shipments supporting continuing orders from China

Regular shipments from Vietnam / Malaysia / Thailand (soon)

Synmax gloves: (synthetic vinyl)

3.3ml excellent for non-medical uses

Gowns: isolation (level 1 – 4)

Non sterile


Medical / Surgical


Hand Sanitizer:

LA manufacturer FDA compliant 40oz bottles through tanker loads

Covid 19 antibody test (South Korea)

Call us to discuss purchase order financing for PPE products! 714-719-8966.

Purchase Order Financing For PPE Products

Purchase Order Financing For PPE Products

Purchase Order Funding For PPE Products

Huntington Coast Capital is continuing its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic by continuing to secure purchase order financing for PPE products. Over the past few months we have facilitated millions of dollars in purchase order financing for our clients in the PPE space. According to UNICEF the demand for PPE products will continue for the foreseeable future and this means financing required to fill orders will continue to be in demand.

Many lenders in the PPE financing space have pulled back their purchase order financing due to problems experienced with some of the orders. Orders were being shipped late or incomplete and sometimes both, due to the huge demand. Huntington Coast Capital’s fund partner has an approved list of suppliers in China. They have worked with and established strong business relations. This partnership has greatly reduced supplier performance risk. By controlling each step in the supply chain to the best of their ability, they are mitigating the risks associated with supplier performance and quality.

Where do we go from here? Huntington Coast Capital will be partnering with another group to deliver PPE products directly within the next few weeks. The warehouse space will be located domestically and contain a broad range of PPE products for sale. This additional step will eliminate the supplier risk entirely and allow our clients a faster turn around for those urgent orders. We look forward to announcing the opening of this facility. The warehouse  space has been secured and the products are on their way!

If you are looking for purchase order financing for PPE products, we would like to speak with you.

Patrick Zazueta
Huntington Coast Capital, Inc.