How Important is an Unbiased Opinion? If You Have Ever Been Taken Advantage Of, Very Important

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“Show Me the Car Fax.” “Compare and Save.” “We Shop So You Don’t Have To.”

These are some popular tag lines of some fairly large companies with a mission to provide their clients with an unbiased opinion on the options available for their specific needs. The rise of companies offering transparent explanations to consumers looking for goods and services is in direct response to consumers getting taken advantage of and treated unfairly by the sales person.

In my opinion, nothing stoked the desire for fair treatment more than the car salesman. As a young man prior to my experience in the industry, I wasn’t knowledgeable in finance and couldn’t even calculate an interest rate, let alone capital cost, lease term, residual value, equity, etc. Further, there was no one there to assist you if you needed it. Oh wait, the “assistance” came from the car salesman. After all, he worked at the dealership, had knowledge of the various automobiles you were interested in and had your best interest in mind, right??? Well, he/she had someone’s interest in mind, but whose interest is debatable.

As small business owners, we have an idea, connections, product knowledge or experience in a certain area that we use to bring a product or service to market. These strengths rarely include a complete understanding of the financing options available to us when looking to grow our businesses. Most small business owners we speak with have wonderful ideas and they just need the capital to set the plan in motion or take an already flourishing business to the next level. Here is where it pays to have someone on your side.

Factoring companies provide great value in the capital they provide to small business owners. They too are often smaller companies looking to make a return on their “investment.” We certainly can’t fault them for being in business for a profit, we all are. Additionally, they are lending money in scenarios that the banks run from and deserve a fair and adequate return.

This being said, it’s nice to have a selection when making this very important decision for your company. At Huntington Coast Capital, we provide the selection of funding companies appropriate for your request without preference. The choice is yours. Our service is bringing you the options and allowing you the freedom of choice having all the facts in front of you. We believe this is the best way to make any decision, especially choosing the right funding partner.

If your business could benefit from additional capital and you would rather deal with trusted advisers in the industry, give us a call.

To your success!

Patrick Zazueta | Founder | Huntington Coast Capital, Inc. | 714-719-8966.