How Valuable is Freedom of Choice in Business?

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As a business owner, there are many choices to make on a daily basis. We are constantly looking for ways to work quickly and efficiently. Make the wrong choice, and there will be unpleasant consequences. How many times have we heard someone justify a bad choice by saying, “I had no choice, I had to do it!” The bad choices we make are often a result of procrastination and not taking a proactive approach to important matters.

Wikipedia defines Freedom of Choice as: an individual’s opportunity and autonomy to perform an action selected from at least two available options, unconstrained by external parties.

In general, we like to consult with the experts on big choices. Think about your health. If you were having chronic pain in your back, you would consult a doctor and/or chiropractor to remedy the situation. You likely wouldn’t rely on your own knowledge and experience to self diagnose and treat yourself.

In business, if you were in need of a new supplier for example, you would want to speak to more than one to get a good comparison of product, services, and pricing from the vendors in the marketplace. We are typically not inclined to call one source and depend solely on their advice when it comes to our business and money. It is good business practice to explore the options.

One of the biggest choices in business is selecting the right funding partner. An ideal partner in business is flexible, forward-thinking, entrepreneurial, and responsive. Just as with two individuals, their has to be chemistry to make a relationship work. Your partner has to understand you and work with you, believe in your vision and support you. This is no different with a funding partner.

Huntington Coast Capital provides more than access to the cash you need to fill purchase orders and meet working capital needs. We bring together the right funding partners for your business. There are many capital sources out there that provide cash to companies large and small. As a business owner, you need to find the right one that will support and not restrict your business growth. You want to select a partner that is with you for the long-haul – “the right lender” not the “right now” lender if you will.

If your company could benefit from the right funding partner to assist you in attaining your business goals, contact us. We consult with business owners on a daily basis and can navigate a path to the perfect lender for your business.

To your success!

Patrick Zazueta | Founder | Huntington Coast Capital, Inc. | 714-719-8966