What Is Your Rate?

What Is Your Rate?

What is Your Rate?

This is the main question when dealing with a commodity type funding product. For example, when I am looking to refinance my mortgage, I am looking for the lowest rate, period. It is assumed that the mortgage company/bank providing the loan will adequately service my mortgage.

However, when we are discussing business financing, we are looking more toward a funding partner with an entrepreneurial mindset that understands our business and the growth potential. With the exception of the SBA Loan products, business lending is more subjective than objective. At Huntington Coast Capital, we align ourselves on your side of the table and represent a number of private and institutional capital providers.

If your business can qualify for a bank line of credit, that is a great resource, however, if you’re like the majority of business owners out there, you don’t quite fit perfectly in all the boxes to be approved.

Our most common request is for working capital, either in the form of purchase order financing or factoring. Many times, the business owner(s) have quality accounts receivable, but little equity and cash in the business. This quickly disqualifies them from traditional financing solutions. Our clients need someone who can understand their business and rely more on the quality of the collateral than on the financial strength of the business.

By investing in businesses with credit profiles underneath standard bank qualifications, our funding partners are fueling the leading companies of tomorrow. Giving them the resources to grow and expand and take advantage of opportunities they otherwise would miss.

Rate is seldom the main focus of the conversation. While rate is always a consideration, the question of capital availability (is the money available to me in my current financial state?) takes center stage. Here is where Huntington Coast Capital brings real value. We all know where to go to speak to a banker, but few business owners know where to go to reach the secondary market.

By utilizing the services of Huntington Coast Capital, you are hiring experienced capital markets advisors. If your business could benefit from additional capital, we would like to speak with you.

To Your Success!

Patrick Zazueta | Founder
Huntington Coast Capital, Inc.